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Maranatha Commercial understands every business is unique. Each with its own distinct funding requirements. Maranatha offers its selected partners availability to funding for…

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  • business expansion,

  • working capital for current projects,

  • collateral acquisition,

  • and other solid business opportunities our selected partners may encounter.


Our funding structure allows our partners to focus on growing their businesses rather than spending valuable time looking for funding. Maranatha Commercial's goal is to be the long term equity play for our selected partners. Allowing them to take advantage of good opportunities as they arise.

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At Maranatha Commercial, our goal is to make your lending experience as simple and pain-free as possible.

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Maranatha Commercial excels at offering business owners premium loan products that standard financing options do not have. Give us a call to find out what choice you may be missing.

To find out why, read Why Use Maranatha Commercial?, presented by Joanne Carlin.

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Joanne Carlin
Commercial Financing Advisor
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CDI (Computer Direct, Inc.) doing business as Maranatha Commercial.

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