Maranatha Commercial
Why Use Maranatha Commercial?
Our Commercial Financing Advisor can offer More Options -
Options the Standard Lending Institutions
Just do not have.

Maranatha Commercial excels at offering our clients premium loan products that standard financing options do not have. Give us a call to find out what options you may be missing.

Here are just a few examples of some key comparisons:

  • Getting the highest amount of financing for your project is a critical issue. After all, what business person is typically sitting around with 40% - 70% equity in their commercial building or has that much money to put down for a purchase? Maranatha Commercial pushes the envelope for you by offering 5% - 25% more financing for your projects than is typically available thus giving you access to the cash you need or keeping more cash in your budget for operating expenses.

    Maranatha Commercial has developed relationships with private investors, hedge funds, pension funds and trust groups giving our clients many more options. We have access to 100% programs - where both soft and hard project costs can be included in the loan: Top

    • Does your project need $100,000,000 and up? Does your project provide jobs, is it ecological, involve technology, alternative energy, need help with both the soft and hard cost? Maranatha Commercial has access to a Private Group which provides up to 100% of both soft and hard project costs.

    • Need $15,000,000 and up? Do you have access to a 2% down payment (which is refunded if you don't close). This 100% program is great for those new construction projects.

    • Need at least $10,000,000? Looking for a "Silent Equity Partner"? This program provides both your debt financing and equity partner all at the same time.

    • Do you have a Hotel, Casino, Resort, Restaurant or Retail Mall project in need of at least $1,000,000? This program is great if you need to fund quickly, possibly in as little as 60 days?

  • Cash out - You have heard the saying "Cash Is King". Maranatha Commercial knows cash-flow is the most important aspect of business success. We have access to products with some of the highest cash out allowances. Instead of "sitting" on your cash by having it tied up in your property - we can help you turn your equity into cash in your hands.

Call Maranatha Commercial today at (847) 707-7690 to find out how we can help fill your Commercial Lending needs.

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